dr Slađana Sredojević

Specialist in International Cooperation and Education and Head of the Center for Banking Training at the Association of Banks of Serbia.

Slađana Sredojević is a specialist in international cooperation and education and the head of the Center for Banking Training at the Association of Banks of Serbia. With more than 15 years of experience in the public and private sectors, international cooperation, European integration, development assistance, business (banking) associations, and the academic environment, she is an expert in public and business finance, investment financing, banking, financial negotiation, and international finance, with more than 50 publications to her name. Since 2017, she has been the vice president of the European Association for Training and Education in Banking in Brussels (EBTN, Brussels).

14:35 - 16:00

Wednesday November 22nd

PANEL 3 • How to get funds for circular business

Keynote speaker: Milena Popović Martinelli

- Circular economy in focus: Financing models -
- New matrix - green, circular financing -

The main questions that this panel is going to answer are:

• How banks and funds support the transition to circular business in the Balkans;

• How to apply for various support mechanisms available to small and medium enterprises;

• Criteria for the selection of banks and funds for financial support of circular business in the Balkans.

What should your product be like to get funding and support?

We will talk about the amounts of funds that banks and funds will allocate to support circular business in the future, as well as about the availability of information and about the procedures that small and medium-sized enterprises go through while applying for available support funds.