Maria Palakarkina

Executive Director of Bulgarian Association of Recycling

Ms. Maria Palakarkina is graduated in Management of European programs and projects. She is executive director of Bulgarian Association of Recycling and a long-time expert in the field of environmental protection, recycling and circular economy. Her expertise in coordinating and managing processes, work plans, conducting studies and evaluating data in the field of sustainable recycling is valuable for the Association.

13:40 - 15:00

Friday 16th December

PANEL 3 • A complex reality demands complexity related solutions - What works and what doesn’t in a circular world?

  • Balkans Go Circular offers answers whether Circular Economy in crisis times is key for success or a long-forgotten promise? -

We will discuss about complex system thinking for complex problem solving with relevant experts:

  1. Maria Palakarkina, Executive Director of Bulgarian Association of Recycling
  2. Prof. Chrysi Laspidou, Professor at the Civil Engineering Department, University of Thessaly, Greece
  3. Ismar Ćeremida, Project Coordinator, UNDP Bosnia and Herzegovina
  4. Dr. Anna-Vera Deinhammer, Director for Circular Cities & Regions, Circular Economy Forum Austria
  5. Dr. Srna Sudar, Head of Project Office at University of Montenegro

The panel will be moderated by: Cristina Badulescu, Coordinator of EIT Climate KIC Romania Hub

Balkans Go Circular will offer answers to following questions:

  1. How should the new smart sustainable circular neighbourhood areas look like?
  2. What is necessary to fulfil the circular market demand?
  3. How do we ensure a constant supply of materials?
  4. How do we deal with the broken food supply chains?