Milan Veselinov

Founder and Director of CirEkon

M.Sc. Industrial ecology Milan Veselinov has been professionally engaged in the circular economy in Serbia since he returned from the Netherlands. He aimed to help responsible companies in the transition to a sustainable business, by creating knowledge, spreading knowledge, and facilitating the creation of enabling conditions for such business.

10:00 - 10:20

Thursday 15th December

Grand Opening

  1. Milan Veselinov, Founder and Director of CirEkon, Serbia
  2. Ms Nadia Petkova, Director, Regional Network, SME Finance & Development, EBRD
15:55 - 17:15

Thursday 15th December

PANEL 2 • Collaboration as the best way for Transformation to Circular

Why is important to have an opportunity to learn about circular economy, to communicate “circularity” and to collaborate in creating a circular world – find out in our second panel from distinguished experts:

  1. Anđela Bošković, Founder of "Eko Korijen" publishing & consulting, Montenegro
  2. Ana Mitić-Radulović, Project Coordinator, UNDP Serbia
  3. Prof. dr Darko Nadić, Professor at the Faculty of Political Science, University in Belgrade, Serbia
  4. Milan Veselinov, Founder and Director of CirEkon, Serbia
  5. Dr Simonida Vukadinović, Assistant Professor at Educons University Sremska Kamenica, Serbia

During this interesting panel we will discuss:

  1. Why is it important to have multi-sector cooperation for circular solutions?
  2. How can small businesses engage in circular transformation?
  3. Is there a possibility for cooperation between “small” and “big” players?
  4. How to communicate “circularity”?
  5. Are there circular economy programs at the universities in the region?
  6. Is there an interest for circular economy among students?

Balkans Go Circular offers answers!

16:20 - 17:25

Friday 16th December

CLOSING PANEL • Circular economy erases boundaries

Learn from the best:

  1. Andrei Geica, Co-Founder, Chief Policy and Impact Officer, Sporos Platform, Greece
  2. Ignacio Chanza, Ecosystem Developer for Southern Europe at EIT Climate-KIC
  3. Francesca Montevecchi,Project coordinator and environmental expert, Environment Agency Austria, Waste & Material Flow Management
  4. Aleksandra Miladinović, Western Balkan Regional Coordinator for Policy Dialog and Stakeholders Relations, SME Finance & Development, EBRD
  5. Evisi Kopliku, Expert on Competitiveness at Regional Cooperation Council (RCC)
  6. Milena Popović Martinelli, Principal Climate Strategy Delivery for Western Balkans, EBRD

The panel will be moderated by: Milan Veselinov, Founder and Director of CirEkon

Balkans Go Circular will tackle the following questions:

  1. How important is the joint progress of the region in the field of circular economy? How do regional offices harmonize or plan regional programs, initiatives, and projects?
  2. Are international projects a way to go in establishing circular business models?
  3. How important is the harmonization of regulations at the international level?
  1. What are the current leading documents and strategies that establish harmonization and synchronization of activities?
  2. What is the role of EIT Climate-KIC in the Balkan circular story?