Milena Rmuš

Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro

Milena Rmuš is a Secretary of Coordinating Board for Energy Efficiency and Environment Protection in the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro. With diverse background in economics, environmental studies and policy analysis she is actively involved in enhancing dialog with national institutions, business and international organization in process of implementation of Green Agenda for the Western Balkans. Additionally, she is involved in numerous projects and initiatives with focus to green transition in Montenegro and promotion of circular economy.

11:15 - 12:45

Wednesday November 22nd

PANEL 1 • Circular economy in the Balkans 2023/2024: Where are we and where are we going?

We open the conference with a discussion on current policies and regulations in the area of circular economy in the region. Competent ministers and other representatives of key institutions will talk about plans for new legal and political frameworks in the future, results and compliance of laws with real needs and the situation at the marketplace.

The goal is to find out the answers to the following questions through the discussion of state actors from the region:

• To what extent are the national legal frameworks aligned with the needs of the modern circular market;

• Is the Balkan market ready to follow global economic trends and how can it respond to challenges;

• What are the competent authorities doing to prepare small and medium-sized enterprises, innovators, and large companies in the Balkans for new market demands and needs.