Prof. dr Nataša Petrović

Faculty of Organizational Sciences, University of Belgrade

INSTITUTION: University of Belgrade - Faculty of Organizational Sciences
TITLE: Professor
AREAS OF PROFESSIONAL AND SCIENTIFIC INTEREST: ecological management, sustainable development, circular economy, ecological risk management, ecological marketing
EDUCATION: Earned a master's and doctorate degree in the field of ecological management, a subject she has been studying and teaching for over 27 years since the beginning of her university career.

PROFESSIONAL BIOGRAPHY: In addition to the University of Belgrade - Faculty of Organizational Sciences, she is also engaged in studies at the University of Belgrade and has previously worked at the Faculty of Agriculture, as well as on doctoral academic studies at the Military Academy of the University of Defence and on master's studies at the Faculty of Administration, University of Ljubljana, Republic of Slovenia. She is the head of the master's academic studies in Circular Economy at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences and the president of the Program Council of the master's academic studies in Business Performance Management at the University of Belgrade.

She participated in two TEMPUS projects (LeanEA and ConCur) and two Erasmus programs (ISSES and Circle U. European University). She was also the project leader of VIBE – Venture Initiative for the Balkan Europe, The South East Europe program.

She is the founder and head of the Center for Ecological Management and Sustainable Development at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences and a member of the international program Inter-University Sustainable Development Research Programme (IUSDRP) at Haw Hamburg, Germany.

She mentored students from the Faculty of Organizational Sciences who participated and won the Global Circular Challenge 2021 in circular economy for the textile industry and the European Ethics Bowl 2021.

She has published over 165 scientific and professional publications and presented numerous papers at international and national scientific conferences.

12:55 - 14:25

Wednesday November 22nd

PANEL 2 • Necessary cooperation of large and small companies on the market

Keynote speaker: Milan Veselinov, founder and director of CirEkon.

-Requirements of large companies towards supply chains in CE -

Changes are necessary, and innovative cooperation of big and small is an ultimatum. We will present the requirements of large companies to supply chains, and at the same time we will provide an opportunity for small and medium-sized enterprises to show their challenges for reorientation to a circular way of doing business.