Siniša Mitrović

Head of the Center for Circular Economy, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia

Moderator Siniša Mitrović is Head of the Center for Circular Economy CCI Serbia. He is an environmental analyst and passionate naturalist dedicated to preserving the natural capital of Serbia and the Balkans.

10:45 - 11:55

Thursday 15th December

PANEL 1 • Deep scanning of circularity today - The Balkan story

-Current situation in the region -

Join us at our opening panel and let’s discuss the current situation in the region.

We will go throw deep scanning of circularity in the Balkans with:

  1. Olivera Vukajlović, Acting Head of Directorate of Competitiveness Enhancement in Ministry of Economic Development and Tourism, Montenegro
  2. Vedad Suljić, Managing Director at CETEOR, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  3. Mihailo Vesović, Director of the Division for Strategic Analyses, Services and Internationalization, Serbian Chamber of Commerce
  4. Aleksandra Vučinić, Head of Group for Circular and Green Economy in Ministry of Environmental Protection of Republic of Serbia

The panel will be moderated by: Siniša Mitrović, Head of the Center for Circular Economy of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce

The prosperous speakers will "take the stage" to present answers to the following questions:

  1. What is expected in export for Balkan countries when it comes to circular economy?
  2. What are the regulatory boundaries we are now facing and how are we dealing with them?
  3. How do we take impact measurement in countries?
  4. When we say – systemic shift, what do we mean by that in context of Balkan countries?

Balkans Go Circular offers answers!